Are you using it to its full potential?


Data is stored everywhere. Every time a transaction is made with a shop or business a row of data gets stored in a database somewhere. That data often remains there simply as a record, generally stagnating as a piece of evidence that a trabsaction has occurred between the relevant parties. Each of these transactions build into a large database that can rapidly become millions, billions or even trillions of records. This can be reported on, archived, exported and summarized, but it is rarely exploited to its full potential. This is becoming more and more prevalent within business. As more and more becomes automated and computerized, data stores are becoming more common and are also increasing in size. The longer that the data is left and the more databases that are created without an integrated strategy, the more difficult it becomes to bring life to it in the future. One of the ways that information can be brought to life is through the ability to turn it from numbers and characters into pictures and visualizations. This is why Otspotz was created. It uses various technologies to turn bland and uninteresting data repositories into exciting pictures that create and produce stories that are self-explanatory and logical.


A picture paints a thousand words


With the increase in computer processing power has arrived the ability to do amazing things. It is no longer necessary to keep data stored in a lifeless manner. It can now be processed in real-time and manipulated to form visual images and maps that give it a totally new lease of life. Data can be stored into a lifeless, stagnant form into a format that breathes new life into a business. Suddenly, the information that you didn't even know that you had suddenly becomes a rich, vibrant source that can be used in many different ways. The sooner that this is started, the better. The longer that information and data is allowed to build without designing and manipulating it, the longer it will take to bring it to life in the future. Data can be brought to life using big data, geospatial and mapping to name a few methods. You may be surprised what is possible.