Map your data

Location and regional maps

The Otspotz application is in development and will be available soon.
Otspotz is a UKDK #Information #IT product


Mapping services

Our mapping services target any requirements that consider location to be important. If your customersor viewers need to view information with specific criteria including radius from a specific address or if mashing up maps with your database can enrich your business then we can help. We can create amazing solutions using mapping systems such as Google and Bing.

Social channels services

Do you find the maintenance of your social channels cumbersome and non-uniform? UKDK can not only help you create a unified brand, smooth and uniform social strategy, but we can also create social applications that revolve around your specific bespoke requirements. If you need to incorporate your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts, or maybe merge your CRM with your database, we can help.